Orlando Code Camp 2012

I’ll be presenting this Saturday at Orlando Code Camp. I’ll be doing 2 sessions. First session is Intro to SQL Server Performance Tuning. Later on I’ll be doing Intro to SQL Server Security.

I’ve created a PDF that has all the step-by-step details for performance tuning. Feel free to download it, and I hope you’ll find it useful! I’ve also included the performance tuning slides if you’d like those as well.

For Intro to SQL Server Security slides, you can download them here.


SQL Saturday 110 – Presentation Files

Thanks to all who came and attended my session on Loading a Data Warehouse with SSIS. It seemed that there was a large number of people interested in Data Warehousing this year. In the future, I will be presenting this topic as Advanced rather than Intermediate. I’m also planning on some introductory sessions on SSIS as I’ve come to find that many SQL Saturday attendees do not have much background in SSIS and are often eager to learn about it.

Files for my presentation at SQL Saturday 110 can be found here.